The IJzerblok garden


The shared garden is the heart of IJzerblok. As part of their mandate The Space tries to create a multi-purpose area for everyone to enjoy.

Creating a collective garden is quite a task as almost everyone has different ideas about how to do it. Whilst some members of The Space started with the basics, others went door to door to talk with all stakeholders involved.

The basics

Excess wood was used to create a huge compost bin for all the leaves and dead plants. Wood and other reusable materials were neatly organized in designated (unused) areas.


Lots of plastics and other waste was removed during a thorough clean up, something that will be done monthly from now. Sail covers were placed over the roofless sheds so that they could be used for storage.


After speaking with the IJzerblok stakeholders it became clear that most were happy that someone was willing to fix the garden. After inventorying all available materials, like tiles, multiple drawings and 3d models were made. Based on these drawings The Space is slowly starting to create a nicer, more usable and sustainable collective garden.