Asian History Art

An unique food & art event took place when art collectives Non Native Native from Rotterdam and Soy Division from Berlin did an ad hoc collaboration in The Space.

Within a day the two art collectives created an immersive experience with an Asian history theme. Every nook and cranny of The Space was utilized to realize this event.

Remix history

Create your own 60’s style documentary by pushing buttons. Each button is connected to a separate video or sound file making you the director of your own history lesson.

Personal stories

History is all about perspective, and perspectives are gained trough stories. Soy Division incorporated a lot of personal stories in their performance and ended with a Q&A for those who wanted to know more.

Food extravaganza

Cooking is a big part of Soy Division events and all the guests were all to happy for it. The food was delicious.

The event ended with a beautiful electronic music performance in the garden.

Keep an eye on the events calendar for upcoming art events.